Project 1- Exercise 1 : Experimenting with expressive lines and marks.


Twisting, smudged and defaced, revenge, exploding, quick and sharp, spikes of anger, thrust, black/dark, knot…cancer, impulsive, powerful.

I found it surprisingly easy to get in touch with this emotion and it felt good to let it all out…..quite therapeutic!

I used chalk, charcoal,a conte stick and a pen. I think the chalk allowed me the greatest expression as the medium has little friction with the paper and allows for fast sweeping movements with no resistance.




Beginning, growth, wonder, new, exploring, hope, birth, dancing lines, excitement.

For this I used an ink pen (both the nib and the side for thicker lines), a brown wax crayon, a calligraphy pen and a conte stick. Lots of flowing , swooping lines, circles , twists and twirls. The brown sketch reminds me of flower buds or Freud might suggest sperm and ovum ! The calligraphy pen sketch made me imagine the traces a kite would make in the sky as it swooped around and the final sketch , the conte stick makes me imagine the light traces a Catherine wheel let’s fly.





Soft, flowing, comfort, safe, graceful,floating, peaceful.

I always feel my calmest when in or by the water and this is reflected in my mark making. Watery images with rippling marks, curves, eddies ,soft transparent lines, flowing into each other. Confident, relaxed lines sweeping across the page.

I have used a blue crayon, water-solvable ink with brush, blue chalk,marker pen.



Hectic, disjointed, small and nervous, sharp, attacking, repetitive, restricted, fast and ferocious, unconnected, chaotic, messy.

I found this the most uncomfortable process and wanted to get it done quickly, but it made me realise how anxious marks can vary from being small and timid, to angry and explosive. My marks reflect the twisted knots you feel and the sense of panic and chaos.


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