Project 2 – Exercise 2: Observing shadow using blocks of tone

Early on I realised I had chosen an object that was far from simple. However, it was a lovely sunny day and the light caught the ridges of the glass pot and attracted my eye, the cotton reel is just an object I like.

I found drawing on a large scale tricky in that it affected my perspective. The charcoal was great fun,  and it was easy to change and alter the image if I  haven’t got it right first time . It therefore gave me courage to be bolder in my mark making.


This time I chose more wisely- a metal flask and a white China coffee cup. Again I didn’t need a lamp as it was a sunny day.

Working with charcoal is quicker than pencil and prevents me being too fastidious. To begin with I smudged in a layer of medium tone lifting off the lightest areas and adding more charcoal to the darkest, I slowly built this up ,adding detail and smudging ares to give a softer texture.

I am really pleased with the overall drawing, particularly the flask and the reflections and shadows. I need to work on my ellipses.




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