Assignment one

For this assignment I have decided to make a few drawings in different media and composition before deciding on my final piece. I started with some pencil sketches to familiarise myself with the objects and play with the composition. As the mirror is a lot taller it made it difficult to balance the composition. There are lots of reflective surfaces and different textures which should make the final drawings interesting.


Watercolour pens



I used some watercolour pens so that I could achieve soft and hard lines. I am confused how to approach this piece in terms of expression. Some of my objects , like the tea cup, have good associations as it belonged to someone dear to me, but the mirror and glasses are objects of dependency . How do I reflect that in my drawing? Next time I need to spend more time on the scarf and find a better source of light to create more shadows. I am pleased with the way the light falls on the objects and I like the composition. I would like to try using mixed media too.

Soft chalk and pencils


I am am happier with composition in that the focus is more on my chosen objects than the table and it fills the page better. The chalks soften the objects and the pencils allow me to create some detail. I used a mixture of marks, smudging and rubbing to get different affects for different objects.

As I have been working I have been reflecting on how the objects all relate to loss for me. The cup and saucer from a deceased love one, the glasses and mirror a result of  ageing and my deteriorating vision. Although I am pleased with the accuracy of the composition I would like to focus more on creating an atmosphere related to these objects.

Ink with dip pen and brush


I feel this drawing best conveys the feelings of loss and sadness associated with the objects, hence the closed book. The transparent nature of the ink suggests a lack of permanence and the scratchy marks reflect my anxiety surrounding these objects. The vertical marks  of the window blinds help add to the atmosphere and the absence of lines soften and create delicacy to objects like the China cup. I would still like to try a fourth drawing as again the arrangement and light source could allow for better shadows and reflections.



I like this composition as it feels intimate as if I could reach out and pick up my glasses and carry on reading my book. However, I did find the perspective challenging and there were many attempts and rubbings out. Looking at it now I can see a few technical errors.

I am pleased with the shadows and reflections which the bright sunlight gave, but as it took me many hours and of course the shadows constantly changed so I had to put the shadows in early.

Overall, the shapes are believable and I am pleased with the tone, light and shadows. The angles are interesting, especially in the mirrors image. However, in the previous ink drawing I  think I have used more experimental and expressive marks and have created more atmosphere.

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