Project 3 – Exercise 3: Material Difference

After much changing of my mind and not finding an angle in the dinning room I liked, my attention was drawn to the rocking chair in the corner. It reminded me how much I had liked Mark Karnes painting of a radiator in that he had zoomed in on a small space in his studio that seemed to hold a sense of tranquility and simplicity.

I decided on portrait format as the chair filled the space better this way. When sketching in the composition I really struggled to get the angles right……lots of rubbing out which ended in a messy piece of paper. Note to self to draw fainter lines next time.

For media I chose water soluble ink to hopefully achieve a soft tranquil atmosphere and wax crayons to provide textural lines. When I put down an ink wash to block in some background tones, I realised I should have used water colour paper as the paper started to bubble.


Likes and dislikes

I like the texture the crayons give , showing the weave of the fabric on the chair,however with my limited colour choice of inks I ended up with a rather vibrant green.

Technically I am pleased with the drawings perspective and accuracy but as a composition it could have been more interesting if my viewpoint had been different, i.e, if I had been lower the chair would have loomed above me……however I might have been a bit uncomfortable and the atmosphere would have been different.

I like the tonal contrasts but struggled with the cushions folds and creases.

When I used inks in a previous sketch, the scratchy lines worked well but in this sketch I used them differently with neat colour for the darkest areas, diluting as tone lightened.

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