Project 5, Exercise 2 : Study of a townscape using line

This sketch is drawn with  fine grey pens of street in Bury St.Edmunds with many characterful old buildings. It is a December day as you can tell by the enormous Christmas tree. Again the day was dull and overcast but there was a festive atmosphere with people milling about doing their shopping.

I felt this row of buildings suited this exercise drawn over two pages but on reflection there perhaps isn’t a clear foreground, middle and background. However,I like that the main focus is the row of buildings.image

If I were to do this again I would like to try a pen and wash drawing to try and add atmosphere. As it was a busy day I would like to give  the impression of cars passing by and shadowy figures depicting people who have come and gone over the time it has taken me to draw the more permanent structures. I could use pen to describe the architectural structures and maybe water soluble graphite pencils to describe the impermanent figures and cars passing through.


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