Part 5 – Reflections on conversation with tutor and review of report.

Areas that worked well:

  • Drawings working as a sequence or hidden narrative – bedroom watercolour
  • Interesting compositions with different viewpoints

Thinking about both these points I decided to work on two further  A 4 drawings to accompany the A 3 pencil drawing of the lounge to see how the different perspectives and compositions of the same subject, added to the narrative.

See below:

I like how these suggest a movement of time and changing of view from inside looking out to outside looking in. I think they could have worked better if they were all the same size and I used the same colour range.

Things to work on:

  • be bolder and more confident- substitute large brush for pencil
  • go smaller with finer tools – push pencil or silverpoint
  • consider different supports – e.g. gesso primer, unusual formats
  • use sketch books  more for preparatory drawings – experiment with media

After receiving my report I had a further conversation with my tutor. We had an interesting talk about size and how I could think about drawing with different extremes. How would one of my portraits look if enlarged further ? What impact would a more detailed drawing of an interior have if drawn on a postcard size support framed on an A1 sheet. What demands would it make on the viewer?

These are all considerations I will take with me on the next stage of my drawing journey.



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