Part 4: Project 5 – Exercise 2 Groups of figures

I found this exercise very challenging as I could not seem to capture any details in the seconds it took for people to walk by. In the end I gave up and worked from a photograph that I took of the town seen. In looking at others artists approach to the moving figure, I really liked this drawing of the business men rushing to work , seemingly oblivious to their surroundings which the artist has only hinted at.


I decided to experiment by reversing this idea with the buildings and stationary structures given the colour and solidity compared to the vaguer outlines of the passers by. However it is difficult to see the people’s outline amongst all the colour. I know the exercise wanted us to recapture the colour of the day but I don’t think that has worked here. The support is wrong for a grey cold day and the chalk doesn’t work with the coloured pen. I think that I have captured something of the moving crowd of shoppers.



I found some useful advice from a site called ‘Urban Sketchers’, that suggested if you wait awhile someone else will come along in a similar position, so you might end up drawing the legs of one person and the top half of another!



Ref : https://urban

Part 4 :Project 1 – Fabric and Form, Exercise 1, line and tone

15 minute sketches



I started with tone in pencil and then looked at line using pen with two very different outcomes. The line drawing probably describes the silkiness of the fabric but the tonal sketch better describes the folds and creases.

5 minute sketches


I found this really difficult to stick to the 5 minutes. I used a thick cotton napkin for this exercise and found it a real challenge to describe all the tonal variations in the folds. I think the pencil drawings are the most successful for this but again I like the pen drawing for describing the curves and contours of the fabric.

I have been looking at Ruben’s quick sketches in chalk and how with so few lines he is able to describe clothing so well.


Also, Leonardo’s study of drapery( 1473) show me I need a lot more practice.



Leonardo. Trewin Copplestone. (1998) Kent, Grange Books, pg 14

Rubens Drawings and Sketches. The Trustees of the British Museum. (1977) London, British Museum Publications Ltd, pg 73