Part 4 :Project 1 – Fabric and Form, Exercise 1, line and tone

15 minute sketches



I started with tone in pencil and then looked at line using pen with two very different outcomes. The line drawing probably describes the silkiness of the fabric but the tonal sketch better describes the folds and creases.

5 minute sketches


I found this really difficult to stick to the 5 minutes. I used a thick cotton napkin for this exercise and found it a real challenge to describe all the tonal variations in the folds. I think the pencil drawings are the most successful for this but again I like the pen drawing for describing the curves and contours of the fabric.

I have been looking at Ruben’s quick sketches in chalk and how with so few lines he is able to describe clothing so well.


Also, Leonardo’s study of drapery( 1473) show me I need a lot more practice.



Leonardo. Trewin Copplestone. (1998) Kent, Grange Books, pg 14

Rubens Drawings and Sketches. The Trustees of the British Museum. (1977) London, British Museum Publications Ltd, pg 73