Project 1- Exercise 2 : Experimenting with Texture


With this first texture l was trying to describe the different background tones of the brick. I started with a wash of ink and then used an ink pen and dotted and stabbed at the paper to create a gritty texture.


The weave of the cushion had prominent vertical lines of cotton with areas of thickened stitching. I used a special fanned brush to make these long marks with acrylic paint and other brushes to describe the details. A wash helped further describe tonal differences.

Orange peel

Orange wax crayon over a layer of yellow. I used a sharp tool to scrape off the top orange layer and to describe the pattern of the skin and to reveal the lighter colour below.


The sponge texture was the hardest to describe as the shapes were irregular in depth and size with a vast range of tone. I used a pencil to draw the shapes and  shading , softened with a wet brush. I then made some prints to compare those images with mine.





This was fun and took me back to my childhood. The textures and patterns revealed were really interesting and it will be useful to add to this selection for future reference.

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