Project 3 Landscape – Exercise 2 :Foreground, middle ground, background.


I chose this scene as it had a clear back/middle and foreground on a fairly horizontal plane. I started by creating a grid to help me scale up from the photograph and drew in a rough horizon line, gradually building up the detail.

As suggested, I used water-soluable pencils but decided to not use water in the foreground as I could lose the detail here.  Also, by keeping the pencil marks dry in the sky, it has helped to differentiate the sky and kept the clouds soft and ephemeral.

The  sun almost faced me when I took this picture, causing long dark shadows along the river bank and backs of the far treeline which contrasted sharply with the brightly lit fields. However, because of this my background is darker than my foreground which is the opposite of the example given – JMW Turner, Windsor Castle and Park with Deer.

I have also tried to create a sense of distance by using marks which suggest tree shapes/  foliage and tonal differences.The detail increases as you come to the foreground.


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