Project 2 – Exercise 1 : Groups of Objects


I really wanted to try and use more expressive marks , rather  than get caught up with the technical aspects of drawing. I therefore chose a piece of wall paper as my support- a cheerful design that I felt complimented the chosen objects – some gifts, a jar of buttons, a picture frame and my ever present book of lists. Lots of rectangular and cylindrical objects.

I decided to use ink and a mop brush which helped me be looser in my mark making. I have not concentrated on tone for this exercise but have used heavier and darker lines to try and show the weight of an object. Looking back at the drawing I think I have the perspective of the box wrong. I am pleased with the transparency of the box lid and glass jar. However I find the overall image messy and the objects lack solidity. This may be in part to the patterned support as it seems to flatten the objects. Having said all that I had fun and next time maybe I will be braver and not do a pencil sketch first.



No I wasn’t, this time I used a chalk first because I still find it takes a few tries to work out the size and position of objects in relation to each other. I then went over this with a conte stick and quite like the affect of a slight blurring of the edges. This time I used brown paper as my support which has a slightly shiny surface. Generally I am happy with the shapes but think the rolling pin needs to be a bit larger at the front end to give a better idea of  perspective.


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