Project 3 Composition Exercise 1 Developing your studies


This exercise was challenging in that I struggled to decide on a composition. I felt confused as to how to approach this. I decided to start by printing off my favourite photos I had gathered on local walks and tried to think how I could combine these into a interesting composition.

I loved the stretch of houses and buildings along the river in Manningtree, but wanted to add a tree for interest in the foreground. However after trying a preliminary sketch the composition looked a bit ‘picture postcard ‘, so I over drew with a dead tree trunk from another photo, which had an unusual shape and bought an interesting focal point.image


As I am trying to move away from colour at this point I decided to use charcoal and pencils and worked on an A3 support. I also decided to crop the height of the paper to reduce the amount of sky as I felt this reduced the negative space and drew the viewer into the drawing.

I don’t feel happy with this drawing, the buildings look childishly described and their is not enough contrast between the sky and water. I think the foreground has been more successful.



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